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Meet The Monster
Milena is a talented MMA fighter who started her adventure with combat sports five years ago with boxing. However, it is in ground fighting that she excels best and likes to end her fights ahead of time in this way.

Her ground skills are her strong point and make her a formidable opponent.
Her ongoing development in the world of MMA attracts not only the attention of sports enthusiasts, but also serves as an inspiration for young martial arts adepts.

Milena is an example of an athlete who achieves success thanks to hard work and commitment, which makes her a person worth paying attention to in the world of mixed martial arts.

Her story is proof that passion and determination can bring great results in sports.
We're excited to announce that our talented athlete, Milena, will be representing the HMG Team this year in the upcoming Contra MMA 4 event.

She'll have the chance to showcase her skills and determination at the highest level of sports.

Stay tuned for more info!